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Many of us find ourselves praying extra hard when something bad happens in the world or to someone we know; or we might pray for protection for someone when we’re especially worried.  God hears all of our prayers and sometimes we can be puzzled about how God does or doesn’t seem to respond to them; this is one of the biggest challenges to our faith and something that each of us has to learn to make sense of.  This is where belonging to a church can help because even though we might not find the answers we have people with whom to share our questions.



If you’ re thinking you would like to begin a regular pattern of prayer in addition to the emergency prayers that we all say you might be wondering where to start.  There is no single way to pray and myriads of books have been written to help us; you can find these in Christian book shops and online (You could try the Church House book shop.


It usually helps to have a few words from the Bible to guide our prayers, and there are different ways to choose these; randomly opening the Bible is rarely helpful or uplifting.  One way is to use the weekly printed sheets available in our churches which also give a little guidance and encouragement.  Another way is to use some Bible reading notes which again you can get from Christian book shops. It usually helps to have a modern translation of the Bible such as the New Revised Standard Version with a print size that doesn’t strain your eyes. is an online resource for daily prayer offering music, a Bible reading and some words to guide our prayer.  Checking your mobile device will show you that there is now a wide range of online apps to help with prayer.



Intercessions and Prayers for This Month


In order to improve our weekly Pew Notice Sheets, we are now publishing  intercessionary prayers separately for the coming month.


Please include the people that you find detailed here in your daily prayers.


To see this month's prayers and intercessions, please click on the image to the left.

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