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He was never a church goer but….?


No buts… anyone who would like a Christian funeral in a church for their loved one may have one; similarly if you would like a Christian minister to conduct a funeral at a crematorium or cemetery we are very pleased to accommodate your wishes, so please don’t hesitate or feel that you might be turned away.


When someone dies it’s often difficult to know who to contact first to make arrangements for the funeral.  A local funeral director of your choice is always the first place to go; they will make all the necessary arrangements with the church and the minister. The Rector of this benefice works closely with most local funeral directors


Funerals may be held in any of the three churches in the benefice and may be followed by burial or cremation elsewhere or in the churchyard if appropriate.  The Rector will meet with you and your family at an early stage to discuss how you would like the service to go.  You will always be dealt with sympathetically and given the time you need to plan the funeral service you want.


More information about Church of England funerals can be found HERE



Circle Christian Funeral Leaflet

A  leaflet that gives some helpful advice about planning a Christian funeral can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the left.