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Bell Ringing

You may have noticed that we have been ringing just four or five bells for Sunday service. There are six in the tower but, to cover for absences, we need about twelve ringers to ensure that all the bells are rung every Sunday. The band has recently gained four new recruits and we hope to be ringing all the bells for services soon.


If you have never tried ringing before then it's a good time to join us as three new of the new recruits are learning from scratch. Ringing is not an exclusive club and anyone is welcome to take part.


As well as being a service to the church, it is fun. Like many activities it can take up as much or as little time as you want. Some find it so intriguing that it becomes a large part of their life whilst for others it takes up just half-an-hour before Sunday service. It can be a very sociable activity with outings and visits to neighbouring towers: visiting ringers are always made welcome at other towers throughout the country.


We practice on most Tuesday evenings of the month, although this can vary so if you wish to come along it is best to phone first.


If any of you would like to find out more, come and see us in the tower from 9.00am to 9.30am on Sundays or phone Phil Gorton on 01483 420763.


Meanwhile, have a look at this website which gives an insight into the world of church bell ringing.


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