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Baptism or Christening?



First to clear this one up -  baptism and Christening are both the same thing; some people say one and some the other.  Churchy people tend to say ‘baptism’ and that’s the word that gets used throughout the service, but the rite is the same whichever name you call it.




Usually when people are enquiring about baptism it’s because they’ve recently had a baby, so congratulations on being blessed by this new life in your family.  And also, congratulations on considering the possibility of baptism for your child and for wanting to bring him or her up within the life of the church.  We believe that for a child being part of a church community adds a vital dimension to their life as they grow up – a dimension of spiritual depth that can often be missing in the 21st Century.




Having said that baptism is often for the young, no one is too old to be baptised;  adults seeking baptism are invited to half a dozen informal sessions where there’s the opportunity to explore what the Christian faith is all about.  With adults there’s also the expectation that Confirmation will follow fairly swiftly afterwards  (check out this site for more information).




In our Benefice baptisms usually take place on Sundays.  It can be during the Sunday morning service which the congregations love, but if you prefer baptism can take place at a separate ceremony at about 12.30pm.







We do baptisms at all three churches in the Benefice.


Find out more about Church of England baptism HERE.


Contact the Church Office to discuss baptism in the benefice for your child or yourself.